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Energy for Good and Smarter Business are strategic business partners
Energy for Good is a not for profit enterprise specialising in public sector
Smarter Business is a commercial enterprise within the private sector
Over 7,000 customers and 36,000 sites under contract across the UK
EfG main multi-site client is Suffolk County Council with 2,300 sites
Scale and Structure
Currently, ATE-Solutions and our partners have an energy portfolio of over £600m, and have helped over 20,000 businesses save over £42m since 2006, we have justifiably earned a reputation of openness and innovation.


Our aims and objectives

  • To improve initial supplier offers using platform technology
  • Further reducing costs through supplier appetite and re-bidding
  • Securing ‘client appropriate’ energy supply contracts
  • Improving service levels and access to cost and estate information
  • Distributing all surplus revenue to the local community
  • Helping to underpin everyone’s CSR credentials


A few of the many testimonials we receive from our valued customers.

"With my procurement head on, I’d go this way every chance I get. That must have been the easiest tender process I have ever run. And I’m not just saying that, I promise. Usually to run a mini-competition inside someone else’s framework you have absolutely no say or visibility and that’s a risk in itself. This time I could see the detail I needed, set the questions and evaluations I wanted but didn’t have to spend hours writing things. It’s awful to have to prepare yourself to sit down and evaluate essay question after essay question, think about all the requirements you may have, worry you’ve forgotten things, create an effective evaluation matrix etc. EFG is such a useful tool already."

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