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Scope of Opportunity and benefits:

All sites can be audited, even if they have been looked at before.

Through a combination of detailed desktop assessment of bills, complex benchmark analysis, research and consultant led site audits, significant savings and refunds can be achieved on your water and wastewater charges in a billing area often overlooked. 


At a time when controlling your costs is absolutely vital in the running and survival of your business, ATE Energy are delighted to announce a new service that is purely aimed at saving you money, that will not cost you a penny to access and which could provide you with both a valuable cash injection and immediate improvement to your business’ bottom line.
You will have access to Water Management Specialists who will provide you with a completely free of charge service which automatically sets about correcting any billing errors and incorrect service charge errors found and other no obligation findings to improve water efficiency and to eradicate above and below ground leakage. In addition to this core service, Bill Validation, carbon footprint reporting and many other add on services, can also be offered, including advice on smart metering and data logging.
The audit will establish that both your current and historic service charges are correct and consumption is as efficient as possible, optimising future charges, maximising refunds and ensuring our clients are in a position to change their water retailer if they choose to do so.
All you have to do is provide us with copies of your water related bills for preferably the last 12 months (all financial pages) or a minimum of the last two bills received for all accounts to start the process off. We will also need a brief questionnaire to be completed for the initial analysis to be done. Our partner will do everything else.
They have produced over a £1,000,000 of savings and refunds for their commercial customers in the last year alone and ATE ENERGY are delighted to secure their expertise at such an important time, given the challenging times we are in.
Their fee comes from a share, for a limited period only, of the clearly auditable savings and refunds that they achieve for you. The share will be 50/50 for 3 years after which time the savings are yours to enjoy forever or for the life of the site. Projected over a 10 year period this works out at 85/15 in your favour.


"The only work we had to do was bank the refund cheques. I would not
Hesitate to recommend that other clubs should allow you to carry out an

“The results have been nothing short of spectacular, with just 1 of our
13 sites yielding a £32,000 refund, and still more to come."

The Process

- A signed copy of our Agreement accepting our T&Cs
- We can audit any site with yearly, cumulative water/wastewater costs of over £3,000.
- Request 12 months water related bills for each site (all financial pages), with a minimum requirement of the last two bills for each account – to include water, wastewater, Trade Effluent Consented Discharge, drainage and any other related third party charges (eg. Environment Agency or Canal & River Trust).
- Request a checklist for each site (relevant to their business type).
Desktop analysis takes place (usually takes 7-14 days)
- If no issues - confirmation is emailed to you (end of audit for this site)
- Visit needed – the site will be contacted to arrange via nominated personnel
- Terms are 50/50 share of any savings for 3 years and 50/50 share of refunds
Engineer visits site (2-6 weeks after agreement signed)
- Consumption, service charges and points of use are all examined
- If no issues – confirmation is emailed to you (end of audit for this site)
If potential for refunds and/or savings
- Survey report is sent to you and/or the client detailing the findings
- We automatically set about correcting any billing errors and incorrect service charge errors found
- Client decides which other cost saving recommendations to pursue
- We implement/manage the implementation of recommendations through to conclusion
- Result = refunds and/or savings secured for the client
Regular client updates
- Regular updates during the implementation phase of all recommendations
- Update summary at specified intervals (as agreed)

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